First in Focus

First in Focus is a series of six-week Sunday School curricula designed to help congregants engage with the Bible and theology in ways both faithful and critical. Addressing a wide range of topics from spiritual practices to biblical theology, each curriculum consists of two video lectures and a four-week curriculum for small groups, complete with a participant guide and leader notes. 


Practicing Sabbath
Explore the biblical concept of Sabbath and its potential to bring rest and renewal to our fast-paced lives. [6 sessions]

Praying the Psalms
Discover how the Psalms led us to a more authentic faith by plumbing the depths of human emotion and experience. [6 sessions]

Living the Lord's Prayer
Take a closer look at the meaning and background of the most well known prayer in all of Christianity. [6 sessions]

The Bible and Poverty
Examine what the Bible says about poverty and how it can lead to more effective approaches to charity. [6 sessions]