Understanding the God of the Old Testament

For many Christians, the God of the Old Testament is a strange creature. From demanding sacrifices and sending plagues to requiring purity and waging war, Israel’s God can seem outdated, unpleasant, and, perhaps, a bit un-Christian. Is this what the God of the OT really is like? Are these common perceptions mere caricatures or do they reflect a true portrait of how ancient Israel understood its deity? This Theology Matters course takes a closer look at the testimony about God in the OT, including if—and how—it can enrich Christian spiritual formation today.  
Taught by: Dr. Ryan Bonfiglio

Lecture Videos

Session 1: Yahweh’s PR Problem

Session 2: A Credo of Adjectives

Session 3: The Witness of Metaphors (Part 1)

Session 4: The Witness of Metaphors (Part 2)

Session 5: The Object of God’s Love

Session 6: God’s Hiddenness and Ambiguity

Session 7: Does Yahweh Abuse?

Session 8: Maintaining the Tensions