The Bible in Translation

The English Bibles that we read today are the product of a long and fascinating story. Across time and cultures, Scripture has been translated from its original Greek and Hebrew into the common language of many people groups. In English alone, there are dozens of different translations available today, from the well known KJV and NRSV to newer versions such as the Message and the CEB. How do these translations differ? What factors inform translation decisions? To what extent has the process of Bible translation shaped what the Bible means and how we interact with it? This course aims to address these and related questions about the history of the Bible in translation.
Taught by Ryan Bonfiglio

Lecture Audio

Session 1: The Great Septuagint and Other Early Translation

Session 2: The Reformation and the Rise of the English Bible

Session 3: From the KJV to the NRSV

Session 4: Modern English Translations and Paraphrases