The Bible Says It, That Settles It?

Throughout the ages, and across cultures, biblical texts have been recited in worship, memorized, prayed over, taught, and publicly displayed. And yet, despite the fact that the Bible is so wildly popular and dearly loved, many Christians disagree about how it should be read. Beneath these disagreements are not only differing theological commitments but also diverse assumptions about what the Bible is and how it ought to be interpreted. The goal of this course is to offer an introduction to biblical interpretation by presenting 12 theses, or key interpretive principles that outline a set of foundational perspectives on how we approach the Bible. While these 12 theses will not solve every Bible controversy, they will further equip you to thoughtfully engage Scripture on your own and to have more productive and charitable conversations with those with whom you disagree.
Taught by: Dr. Ryan Bonfiglio

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