Wisdom in the Old Testament

Is the book of Proverbs simply an assortment of quaint sayings or is it motivated by a consistent view of the world? Does the book of Job offer any answers for why bad things happen to good people? Do the philosophical musings of Ecclesiastes lead to the view that everything is meaningless? What sort of conclusions can Christians draw about what it means to be “wise” in the world today? In addressing these questions, this course presents an overview of wisdom literature in the Old Testament. Emphasis will be placed on comparing the unique perspectives on the meaning and nature of wisdom in Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes.
Taught by: Dr. Ryan Bonfiglio and Lydia Foreman

Lecture Videos

Session 1: What is Wisdom?

Session 2: The Wisdom Tradition

Session 3: Proverbs

Session 4: Job

Session 5: Ecclesiastes

Session 6: Other Sources

Session 7: Wisdom Personified

Session 8: Wisdom and the Church